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Convertible Convoy : Cruising through the Kuala Lumpur Skyline

This year we had the wonderful of opportunity of celebrating our wedding anniversary differently as we participated in our first ever convertible convoy.  Honestly, I am so grateful that we still have our firsts even after 17 years of knowing each other. I'll tell you all about it in this post.

But, first, let me give you a little context about this post.

You know how some people treat their cars as an extension of themselves or like a family member; well, Tevan is one of them.  He is an ardent car fanatic who sees cars as an engineering marvel and work of art. I on the other hand only see cars as a mode of transportation to get me to point of A to B.

Over the years I have sort of learnt about different model of cars, functions of some of the parts and etc. – thanks to the perpetual car talk that takes place in our household.

Now that you understand his fascination with cars, you can imagine his happiness when he purchased his first convertible.  He was over the moon and it was the only thing he could speak about for days. Lol.  Sometimes I will find him sitting in his car at 2 in the morning; just fiddling with its controls trying to figure out its features.  Initially I thought he was slowly losing his mind. Lol.  

Every new feature that he discovers is met with a passionate ooooh and ahhhhh; followed by a demo session for the whole family. Mind you – ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY!  

I was naïve to think that him owning a convertible will somewhat quell his car craze but boy was I wrong! Lol. I later learnt that the real passion apparently lies in fixing up the car which sounded absurd to me – something non car enthusiasts will never comprehend.

Seeing that none of us are of any help, he decided to join the “BMW Z group” on WhatsApp to learn the ropes and get acquainted with other car fanatics. This group is an excellent platform for car fanatics to discuss their shared passion. It also organizes drives once a month for its members where members can interact with one another and at the same time explore the different impressive sights of Malaysia.  

He has been a member of this group for approximately two years now but had not been able to participate in any of the drives as he was always away due to work. However, all of this changed when he came back for his holidays last month.

To his joy, the group planned for a drive to Genting Sempah on a date that coincided with his holidays. He immediately decided to participate and even convinced an uncle of mine who is also a car enthusiast to join the said drive.

On the day of the drive, we left before the crack of dawn from our hometown, Ipoh, as we were told to gather at the gas station by the Sprint highway as early as 7.45 am – the things that we do out of love! Never in a million years thought I would wake up as early as 4 am to join a drive – let the record tell you that we were severely sleep deprived at this point as we were constantly travelling between states!

We arrived at the meetup location bright and early and proceeded to introduce ourselves to other members who were there.  While waiting for the rest to arrive, we looked at the other convertibles that were there; each ride was looking like a WOW!  It was so nice to see members bond over their shared passion; each one talking so animatedly about their sweet ride.  Tevan was in car heaven - he was taking it all in by inspecting each car up close and sharing some fun facts with m along the way. He had a big grin plastered on his face and twinkle on his eyes the whole time.

The convoy consisted of 20 cars and the plan was to take the expressway all the way to Genting Sempah. When it was time to leave, members got behind their fancy wheels and departed on cue towards the Setiawangsa Pantai Expressway. The roaring sound of engines reverberated in the morning air.  The nature gods fully cooperated with us on that day – the weather was pleasant and the air was so crisp; perfect for a drive with the top down.

Halfway through the drive my hair sort of took a life of its own. I was lowkey mad at myself for not purchasing the vintage silk scarf that I really liked from the Cours Saleya flea market in Nice. I could have got my Audrey Hepburn vibes on with the neckerchief around my neck and putting on some huge sunnies. The whole look would have been so fetch. Lol. But oh well!

The wind in our faces as we sped along the expressway was exhilarating. Driving past an empty Kuala Lumpur was so calming and we were rewarded with sweeping panoramic view of the city skyline. Safe to say that all the inconvenience of waking up early was forgotten.

We gathered for breakfast at Tentent Restaurant which is located at the Rainforest Park.  The cool climate and the fresh air were the icing on the cake.

Members mingled and obviously there was more car talk. Funnily people started congratulating us as they mistook us for newlyweds – thanks to the wedding decoration that was still intact from Tevan’s sister’s engagement. Lol. 

As the sun rose, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast, got together for some photos and videos and yes you guessed right -there was more CAR TALK. Lol. Tevan was so in his element and he had the time of his life and quite frankly I had a blast too.

The organizers did a brilliant job in hosting this event and we are hoping to join more drives in the future. It was an exciting experience and I am so glad that we did it despite the fatigue or in millennial’s term – YOLO!

On our way home, I could slowly feel the laxative effect of my morning brew kicking in and over time nature’s call intensified and it was in that moment that I was truly grateful that the husband is into fast cars!!!!

I will not get into what happened next but rest assured no car seats were harmed. LOL

All in all, the, the need for speed is real!

Till next time guys. Toodles.






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